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Dr Shawn Rabizadeh is making his own identity among the dentists in Oxnard CA for a long time now. His USP is to bring the best possible dental care to his patients at the most affordable rate. He is bringing years of experience, professional education and his own skillset together to offer something which is unmatched by any other of his competitors in this vicinity. With each patient getting individual attention and personalised care, nobody leaves our office unhappy.

Dental care of Oxnard is rather good, compared to many other parts of the country. To create own brand name here, which Dr Rabizadeh has done well, is not a child's play. This is why we claim to be the best in the business. Be it cosmetics dentistry, crown, dental implants, drilling, filling or dentures, we are to solve everything in the least number of appointments. Our home grown veneers and our NO to unnecessary promotion of products make us the only sane choice you can have as an Oxnard dentist.

Oxnard dental care is something which has become synonymous with Dr Shawn Rabizadeh as we really serve the community with sincerity. Being the one stop solution provider for every dental problem for every family member, not only we are the best family dentist you can have but the most complete one as well. Our fully furnished offices, beverage stalls, TVs on the walls and spa-inspired relaxation rooms makes it more like a day out than a visit to the dentist.

Dental health is not always as affordable as we make it. To add icing on the cake, we make it even easier by accepting every major dental insurance plan. With dental insurance taking care of payments of all the problems like orthodentistry, cosmetic dentistry and other problems, all you need to do is to come to our office and get the smile you wanted, from a set of internally strong teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

What is root canal? Root canal refers to the procedure of having the tooth’s pulp (soft tissue located in the center of the tooth) extracted. If and when damaged or infected, the pulp needs to be removed and the space that is left behind is cleaned, given shape and then filled up. This treatment allows sealing off the root canal and preventing any further spread of infection

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