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In simple terms, veneers can be referred to as a thin layer of material that is placed over a tooth or a set of teeth with the purpose to help improve the looks of the teeth and protect the surface from any damage.

Why use veneers?
Veneers offer a perfect way to redesign and also reshape your entire mouth. To be able to cover your entire tooth structure, veneers are made from thin ceramic shells. After placing this over your teeth, you would see a significant difference since they can fix general issues such as staining, rebuilding cracked teeth, getting rid of spaces, aligning any misaligned teeth, offering chipped teeth a complete look and offering solutions to many other issues.

You can also go for porcelain veneers which are thin pieces of porcelain and are often used to help recreate any natural looking teeth while at the same time they also offer the same strength similar to any natural tooth.

What is the process of placing veneers?
The entire process can take anything between two to three visits. On your first visit, we would want to examine your tooth and discuss its new shape. We would then explain to you what we can accomplish by placing veneers. Once, we mutually finalize the plan we will then begin with the preparation phase and have your tooth ready for the placement of the new veneers. For accuracy and precision, we will take an impression of the new tooth that needs to be prepared. We will then send off this impression to the lab where the final product would be made ready and while the new tooth is being fabricated, we would use a temporary solution which would be placed over the existing tooth. Once the veneer is ready, we will carefully replace the temporary one with the finished one and ensure that the new tooth looks natural and offers you perfect looking teeth.